Many people have seen the New Era commercial where Alec Baldwin "relieves" himself while watching a Yankees-Red Sox game:

But did you know there was a series of these commercials created? Below is another in the series I hadn't seen yet:

These commercials are another example of an attention grabbing way to bring attention to a brand or product (in this case a hat company). The off-brand humor appeals to the target market (young males), and the celebrities do a terrific job of showing passion toward their teams (and therefore attracting the attention of sports fans).

But while I admit to not being the most fashionable, I must confess that until I explored the New Era website, I had no idea this was a hat company. Looking back on the two commercials, John is consistently shown with a Red Sox hat, and Alec does have a hat laying on a table in one of them. There is also some fine print at the end of the commercials mentioning what the company does. But knowing that in at least some cases (myself as an example) this company isn't using its ad space to directly promote its products, how could these commercials be improved without taking away from their humor and style? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!