I stumbled upon a DollarShaveClub advertisement today. If you haven't seen the video, check it out below:

After watching the video, I naturally checked out the website. A few seconds later I realized how impressive their Marketing campaign is. Here is why:
  • The creative is good. It is funny on many levels (the overstated confidence in the product, the ridicule of other products, and the supporting cast of characters) and it takes a very Old Spice feel (talking directly with the consumer).
  • The company is differentiating itself in a market saturated with easily recognizable brands (see my post from last week on Help Remedies). Offering a program of automated razor shipments for $1 per month is certainly an industry first.
  • The message isn't diluted with multiple razor options (you only find out they actually offer different pricing for higher quality razors once you arrive at the website).
  • The website has the same look and feel as the video (which is smart considering the vast majority of their web traffic has to be coming from that video. Giving the website the same look and feel as the video provides an integrated experience for the user, and eliminates any possibly apprehension toward exploring a website for information).
  • The website displays clearly how to register for the program (making for a much higher chance of financial success with this campaign):

Just for fun, I compared the user experience provided by DollarShaveClub with Gillette. When I visit the DollarShaveClub, I can instantly begin the process of making a purchase. When I visit Gillette, I have to take the following steps:

  • Choose my region of the world
  • Choose my country and language
  • I then have an option to immediately buy a Gillette product, but the option is contained within one of four, equal-sized advertisements underneath the main banner. No clear call to action.

Clearly Gillette is an established company with a comprensive set of products that is trying to project a more professional image. However, in terms of the overall user experience for consumers visiting the two websites, DollarShaveClub is winning.