Self-correcting products (products you use to "white-out" mistakes on paper) are pretty boring. One way to promote that type of product, especially with a low Marketing budget that doesn't make television or print ads possible (which I presume is the case for this type of company) is with a viral, social media focused campaign.

Tipp-Ex has taken this concept further by creating a series of viral campaigns focused on a "hunter vs. bear" concept.

Here are two below:

While the campaigns do nothing to directly promote their product lines, I think it is really creative how they use one of the white-out products to encourage user interactivity. Users are intrigued by the different video options available to them, and the longer they interact with the videos, the more advertising for the company they are exposed to.

While I am fine with the indirect Marketing approach, I almost think these campagins are too indirect. I was able to easily follow the social media call to actions, but at no point in the two campaigns am I provided with a web link to make a purchase. Maybe because this company knows no one needs self-correcting products enough to buy them online (so why turn people off with a sales pitch?).

I'd love to hear your opinion on whether this company is too indirect with their Marketing efforts!