Microsoft is using Google's recent privacy policy change as a chance to remind consumers of its products and presence in the market place...pure branding (my type of campaign). This campaign, composed of mainly print ads, might lead with sentiments on putting its consumers first, but the call to action is a reminder of the main products in Microsoft's stable, all of which compete with a Google alternative..Bing, Hotmail, Internet Explorer, and Office.

I think this is a great strategic move by Microsoft. Understanding they are the underdog in the battle for the consumer, they decided to spend their media dollars at a time when consumers are thinking more critically about the pros and cons of the Internet and personal productivity tools they use. And as Google becomes more competitive in the business-to-business space (the Google Apps line has offered free, cloud-based personal/business productivity tools long before Office 365 came around, and has begun to take major accounts from Microsoft's enterprise division), competing for the consumer is more and more important for Microsoft's future.

As a consumer, do you trust Google or Microsoft to look out for your best interests? What company's products could you stand to live without?