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Branding and Strategy

Posted by Joseph Mignano on Monday, May 7, 2012, In : Marketing Strategy 
A recent interview by Adage of Bud Light brand Vice President Mike Sundet revealed what Bud Light Marketing folks think they did wrong when it came to their Golden Wheat beer (a product they have since stopped producing).

Ad Age: Bud Light is your biggest and most important brand. How do you make sure you don't overextend it with new versions?

Mr. Sundet: The key is to make sure that it all ties back into the essence of what Bud Light is all about. Bud Light is a fun, social, spontaneous br...

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What Are They Selling?

Posted by Joseph Mignano on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, In : Marketing Strategy 
Many people have seen the New Era commercial where Alec Baldwin "relieves" himself while watching a Yankees-Red Sox game:

But did you know there was a series of these commercials created? Below is another in the series I hadn't seen yet:

These commercials are another example of an attention grabbing way to bring attention to a brand or product (in this case a hat company). The off-brand humor appeals to the target market (young males), and the celebrities do a terrific job of showing passion to...
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