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How to Raise Price

Posted by Joseph Mignano on Monday, June 25, 2012, In : Marketing Strategy 
Marketers are taught early on in their education that price should not be used as product differentiation. If a product is positioned correctly to the right audience, price (in an ideal world) will not be a factor in the purchase decision making process. While that concept sounds great in most Marketing textbooks, it largely ignores reality (and basic Economics). Consumers and businesses do have budgets and finite resources, and at some point reach a limit on what they can purchase.

Yet anoth...
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Is Your Business Branded Internet Friendly?

Posted by Joseph Mignano on Sunday, June 3, 2012, In : Marketing Strategy 
Companies can brand themselves in many different regards. The proliferation of smart phones and tablet computers amongst consumers, combined with the increasing importance of staying "connected" while on on-the-go, makes it paramount for businesses to ensure customers associate Internet connectivity (at no charge) with their locations. Two industries the concept of being "Internet friendly" plays especially well for are hotels and restaurants.   

I've stayed in four different hotels so far thi...
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