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The Value of Viral

Posted by Joseph Mignano on Saturday, April 21, 2012, In : Marketing Strategy 
Self-correcting products (products you use to "white-out" mistakes on paper) are pretty boring. One way to promote that type of product, especially with a low Marketing budget that doesn't make television or print ads possible (which I presume is the case for this type of company) is with a viral, social media focused campaign.

Tipp-Ex has taken this concept further by creating a series of viral campaigns focused on a "hunter vs. bear" concept.

Here are two below:

While the campaigns do nothing ...
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Optimizing Campaign Materials

Posted by Joseph Mignano on Sunday, April 1, 2012, In : Marketing Strategy 
Flipping through the latest issue of ComputerWorld, I recently noticed a cool ad for Ontario, Canada (my apologies for the poor quality below, but it is the best I can find online):

I was initially critical of the ad from a creative perspective (I thought it could have been more clear at first glance what the ad was took me a while for my attention to be drawn to the image, which seems too small, or to the bottom left hand corner). A different way to approach the ad could have been fo...
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